Business Card Design Best Practices

When creating a Business Card Design you should keep a couple of things in mind. Paper choice: Choose a stock that serves your purpose 1st and then the design second. If you want to be able to write on your card then you should not choose a glossy stock or one with a lot of texture. Size of card: While the standard size for a Business Card works, it can benifit you to Design the Card at an odd size or with a fold. By Designing your Business Card different from the standard, your clients will take more notice of the card instead of just sticking it in there pocket or tossing it out. You want them to hold the card a little longer and interact with it. Something to keep in mind though is that an odd Business Card size will not fit in a Roll-a-dex….but who still uses those today anyway..? Your Business Card can be what represents your company after you have left your client….put some thought into, hire a graphic designer to design you a great business card that will leave your clients with a good lasting impression.

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